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It's not just about the photos

No worries if you are "awkward" in front of the camera (us too) because we will tell you exactly what you need to do should we need to pose you. We'll keep you on schedule with your timeline and get all of the shots that are most important to you. We want your focus to be on enjoying your wedding day, we'll take care of the rest.

Your wedding day will have a lot of moving parts, so who are we to disturb the flow of the day? We know how to navigate the different moments of your day in a non-intrusive way and move through your ceremony + reception like pros. We almost want you to forget we're there - that's when the best moments happen, anyway. We'll be flies on the wall, and we'll blend right in.

You're getting married - it's your day. But, you also want your friends and family to have THE best time, right? We don't like to neglect your guests; you're putting lots of time and energy into throwing this epic wedding, and we think your photos should reflect that. We'll treat every guest like a VIP and be sure to document all of their fun reception antics.

The experience we have together is important not only for practical & professional reasons, but also for personal reasons. We will be by your side more than any of your other vendors, so hiring a photographer that has the style you are looking for plus an upbeat, positive attitude is super crucial to your big day going smoothly. 

We know the end product is important, but we also want you to be excited about working in the moment with us. We've outlined what you can expect so you can be in-the-know for when we work together.

We care as much as you do

here to help

we won't interfere

your guests matter



We treat everyone like the VIPs they are

We'll get to know you, that way you're comfortable in front of our camera.

We'll discuss all the pre-wedding details and help you plan a timeline that makes sense, keeping you stress-free.

Regular (but not spammy) check-in emails - pick our brains whenever you want!

Moving through your wedding day like pros, we'll be flies on the wall - but we'll get everything.

Super speedy photo delivery. You're welcome.

got a q about working with us?

Contact us and we'll answer all of your burning questions.

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