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Floral arrangements are one of those things that you think “yeah, this looks easy and fun” and then you really think about all the work that goes into it and that thought quickly changes to “….this is definitely best left to the professionals.” With that in mind, you might understandably have some questions about the whole […]


July 10, 2019

Florist Q&A: Cityside Flowers – Metropolitan Wholesale | Saddle Brook, NJ

T H E  F U L L  P O S T

Picture this. Your wedding reception. It’s 9pm, you’ve been on your feet quite a bit all day, you’re surrounded by family and friends, (maybe you’re a few cocktails in), and it comes on. Your song. The song that makes the endless hours of standing up all day feel like nothing. The song that makes you throw […]

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June 23, 2019

How To Make A Killer Reception Playlist

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Planning your wedding can be stressful – trust us, we’ve worked with enough couples to know that it is hard work. There are of course some tedious tasks like making the seating charts, arranging transportation, getting the marriage license, etc.  (check out our previous blog post all about the steps of wedding planning). There are […]


May 20, 2019

How To Choose Your Wedding Colors

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If you’re reading this: CONGRATS! You’re engaged! (or about to be). Also, if you’re reading this: DON’T PANIC! Planning your own wedding can be super fun! There is a lot to think about right now and I’m sure it can seem a little overwhelming or daunting but trust us – you can do it. And […]


May 7, 2019

Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

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This is so exciting – you’re getting engaged! You know what that means, it’s time to find that perfect ring. Don’t know where to start looking? Are you overwhelmed? Did you drink enough water today? No need to stress, this guide will help you out! (This doesn’t have to be done in this exact order, […]


April 18, 2019

Your Definitive Engagement Ring Buying Guide

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