Sava Studio is run by Michael Marfione & Melissa Wahler - we're alums of the General Studies program at the International Center of Photography (ICP). 

We're strangers turned business partners & friends who bonded over our similar educational background, love of coffee & general weirdness.

Hey, we're Sava

Don't be a stranger

hudson valley wedding photographers

We knew after our experiences at ICP & in the art world, we wanted to have a more honest approach to wedding photography.

Our training in the fine arts allows us to bring a different kind of sensitivity & humanity into our work.

We're super inspired by beautiful lighting, architecture, & art of all kinds.

Our influences

Freezing time

When we photograph your wedding, we want you to be able to live in those memories for years to come.

You'll receive photographs that are a perfect depiction of every moment, even the ones that start to get blurry.

Can we be honest?

You deserve more from your wedding photographer.

More than just "stand over there."

More than just "now kiss."

We're the photographers who will direct instead of dictate. We'll tell you when there's a weird shadow on your face or if your hair needs a touch up. We gotchu.

Sound good?


Read more about our approach + the process here.

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